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"I just nod, Ive never been so good at shaking hands. "

“Even Big Bird gets sad sometimes”


"I think rather than being over-friendly at first, having a cold first impression and slowly making them realize that I’m not that cold is better."

- Jessica Jung

I don't update my journal anymore, because most of the friends I have are people I met at my communities: shinee_dayrp, superjunior_rp, and the infamous harenchibox. I meet people all over the world from different sites and I'm not looking to meet any more randoms. If we have something in common, great...add me then, but at least drop a comment and let me know who the fuck ya are and why you're adding me. Also, do not leave comments on my journal that involve you begging to join harenchibox. No one ever said we were entitled to free, gay, Japanese pornography on livejournal.

Japanese porn sucks! ; Join my rp or DIE!; Add me if you dare...